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DIMA offers two membership levels:

  • Full Member $1,800 pa
  • Associate Member $1,500.00 pa


Eligibility for Full Membership

Individuals or body corporates whose core or primary business purpose is the production and supply of diagnostic imaging technologies are eligible for full membership of the Association.

Eligibility for Associate Membership

Individuals or body corporates whose business purpose includes the production and supply of components of the diagnostic imaging industry, whilst not constituting the core business activity, shall be eligible for Associate membership of the Association.

Full members are eligible to participate in the market surveys for UL and DI. Application for membership and participation in the survey is approved by the DIMA leadership group. Participation in other ancillary surveys by Associate members is approved by existing participants. Associate members are not able to participate in or access the results of the InfoView Diagnotic Equipment Survey.

To join DIMA simply phone the Secretariat on 02 9431 8640 or email